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Funding Sources

European Social Fund 1.445 M€

National Contribution 255 M€

Targets for 2023

80% of graduates in the training offers aimed at promoting educational success at the basic level (ISCED  2)

95% of students approved for the next school year, in the vocational courses at the basic level (ISCED 2)

70% of graduates in double certification courses at the secondary level (ISCED 3)

The 1st Axis of the HCOP programme encompasses many different pathways of basic and secondary levels of education, marked by their practical approach in the classroom and workplace setting. Strongly connected to the entrepreneurial sector, they allow trainees to acquire the necessary knowledge for a specialised professional career, while still allowing them to pursue their studies, namely in Higher Education

Which programmed actions?

 For whom?

Vocational courses at basic level (ISCED 2)   

Youth over 13 years of age and with at least 2 failed school years                               

Other basic level courses (Specialised Arts Education)  

Youth enrolled in basic education, under the terms set by the regulation of these offers.

Vocational Courses at secondary level (ISCED 3)


Youth over 16 years old, with education including the 9th year of school

​Youth Education and Training Courses

Young people aged 15 or over, with 6th year of schooling

Vocational Courses with double certification and secondary level            

Young graduates with a basic level diploma (ISCED 2)

Specific support for schools social services (school manuals)

Students at basic and secondary education levels, coming from underprivileged families

Qualification for early intervention in childhood and special education    

Specialised pre-school and special education teachers





Aprendizagem; Artístico; Profissional; Jovens; Vocacional; Ação social