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Funding Sources

European Social Fund 522M€

National Contribution 91,1M€

Targets for 2023

65% of students supported by social services in higher education will achieve their graduation degree

65% of students in ISCED 5 level Higher Professional Technical Courses were certified or continued their studies in higher education (portuguese TeSP)

70% of completed doctorate degrees.


HCOP Axis 2 goal is to increase the proportion of the population with higher education or equivalent degrees, through a training with specific general and scientific components, a technical training component and an on-the-job workplace apprenticeship. This objective is operationalized through the funding of scholarships in Higher Education, Doctorate and Post Doctoral Scholarships, support to Professional Technical Higher Education (TeSP), and through the financing of a credit line for Higher Education Students.

As a result of the 2020 Reprogramming and in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Skills 4 post-Covid intervention - Skills for the future in Higher Education was additionally designed.

Supported actions
 For whom?

Support for higher education students through grants for underprivileged students and loans.

Higher education students which are eligible according to criteria set by internal regulations

Professional Higher Technical Courses (TeSP)


Youth between 17 and 30 years old, with complete or incomplete secondary education degrees.

Doctorate programmes and post-doctorate grants.


Bodies of the SNCT and individuals (individual doctorate grants); Doctorate researchers within R&D centres (post-doctorate grants).

Line of Credit for Higher Education Students

Higher Education teaching staffStudents of TeSP, Bachelor, Master and PhD

​Skills 4 post-Covid Skills for the future in Higher Education
​Teachers and students in higher education associated with innovative teaching and learning projects


Bolsas; Doutoramento; Ensino Superior; Ação social; Docentes; Formação