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Funding Sources

European Social Fund 30,8 M€

NationalContribution 5,4 M€

Targets for 2023

6% of expenses covered by monitoring actions on site

The Axis 5 is meant to support a number of activities associated with management, monitoring and internal control, evaluation and information from HCOP. With this purpose, this Axis envisages the development of a range of actions, integrated into a logic of creating a management support system that allows it to effectively attain the goals defined by HCOP, with the desired quality.

Which programmed actions?

Operation of technical support structures for HCOP management

Developing of initiatives for information, spread and promotion of HCOP

Developing of HCOP assessment studies

Development, adaptation and maintenance of the modules for the HCOP Integrated Information and Monitoring System and the Intermediate Agencies responsible for the management of each of the intervention measures



Avaliação; Educação