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HCOP Identity Guide

The HCOP logo should be used to advertise activities sponsored by the Programme, namely publications, multimedia material, promotion and projects, according to the guidelines stated in the graphic standards manual, chromatic operation tutorial and the information and advertising document for beneficiaries.

Three versions, available for download:

Colour version for light background [ jpg. + png.+ pdf.]

Positive version (black) for light background [ jpg. + png.+ pdf.]

Negative version (white) for dark background [ jpg. + png.+ pdf.]

The logo default settings should not be altered, according to the guidelines, namely:

Proportions / dimensions (height and width)

Default colours on different versions for the logo (colour, positive, negative).

File download

Information and advertising for beneficiaries

Graphic Standards Manual

Chromatic Operation Tutorial


Templates for download

Portugal 2020





[ jpg. + png. + pdf. ]


European Union, mentioning the European Social Fund



[ jpg. + png. + pdf. ]


Logo banner for HCOP |PT 2020 | EU/ESF



[ jpg. + png. + pdf. ]

Posters, Banners and Boards

Modelo 1 A3 al PO CH.pdf

Modelo 1_A3 bx PO CH.pdf

Modelo 2_1000x1500mm PO CH.pdf

Modelo 3_400x400mm PO CH.pdf

Modelo 4_1000x1500mm PO CH.pdf



The screening for possible duplication of aid is ensured by stamping the budgetary expenditure and discharge documents with a clear identification of the funding amounts, supplemented by management checks with a particular emphasis on on-site audits of the beneficiary accounting records, in particular regarding the received funds.

Notwithstanding that the provisions of art. 9., of Decree n. 60-A/2015 from March 2nd, in its current wording, do not mandate that a stamp be affixed - but rather, to only note on the original documents the appended accounting number and to state their funding through the ESF, indicating the name of the operational programme (Human Capital Operational Programme) the universal code of operation (POCH - xx - xxxx - Xxxxxx) and the corresponding allocated amount - it is recommended, nevertheless, that the stamping procedure should continue to be used in the expenditure documents, with a clear identification of the funding amounts.

To this end, the HCOP Management Authority provides the following template to be used in the expenditure documents, thus ensuring the template’s standardisation:


In the field regarding the registration of "payment coordinates", the means used to pay the expenses and their respective date (bank transfer, check no.), must be identified.

[ jpg. + png. + pdf. ]

Communication Strategy

The HCOP Communication Strategy ensures that it has its own place to develop its communication blueprint, focused on the target audiences it serves, aiming to complement and reinforce the common strategy defined for Portugal 2020, ensuring a virtuous articulation between the two communication plans, pursuing excellence in the communication of all the parts that embody the different premises of the HCOP mission, aware that its success depends on the quality and effectiveness of the messages, substantiated on tangible evidence.

Portugal 2020 Information and Communication Guide for Beneficiaries

The Portugal 2020 Information and Communication Guide for Beneficiaries provides links to all legal documents, pages on Communication Rules of all Operational Programs, co-funding banners, as well as the European Union flags in various formats.

Check also

Excerpts from EU and national legislation, on communication and information rules for beneficiaries.



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