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Portugal 2020 – what is it?

It is the Partnership Agreement undertaken between Portugal and the European Commission, which brings together the five European Structural and Investment Funds - ERDF, Cohesion Fund, ESF, EAFRD and EMFF – setting the programming principles which enshrine the economic, social and territorial development policy to be advanced in Portugal, between 2014 and 2020.

These programming principles are aligned with Intelligent, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, carrying out the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Portugal is set to receive 25 billion Euro until 2020, for this purpose it outlined the Thematic Objectives to stimulate growth and job creation; the actions required to attain them and the achievements and expected outcome from this funding.

Stimulus to the production of tradable goods and services; Increase in exports; Transfer of results from the scientific community to the productive sector; Compliance with compulsory schooling up up to 18 years of age; Reducing levels of early school leaving; Integration of people at risk of poverty and battling social exclusion; Promotion of sustainable development from a standpoint of an efficient use of resources; Strengthening territorial cohesion - particularly in cities and low-density areas; Rationalization, modernization and training of Public Administration: these are the main objectives of the policies to be enacted by Portugal2020.

It is also worth highlighting Portugal's Research and Innovation Strategy for a Smart Specialization in its national and regional components: NORTE | CENTRO | LISBOA | ALENTEJO | ALGARVE | AÇORES | MADEIRAapproved on 23rd December 2014, which pinpoints the major strategic intelligent commitments, matching areas with scientific, technological and economic specialization in which Portugal and its regions have comparative and competitive advantages or have the potential to arise as such. The alignment with these strategies is an imperative requirement for the implementation of Portugal 2020 investments in Research, Technological Development and Innovation (OT 1) and a priority in other cases, such as the support to SME competitiveness (OT 3).

At the initiative of the Portuguese authorities, an Ex-ante Assessment of the Partnership Agreement was carried out, based on an interactive process of reflection that reinforced the scrutiny of the main strategic choices.



Portugal 2020 - What are the priorities for action by EU funds for the 2014-2020 period?

Both the programming and implementation of Portugal 2020 are organized into four thematic  areas: - Competitiveness and Internationalization; - Social inclusion and employment; - Human capital; - Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources.

Cross-cutting issues related to public administration reform and the territorial assignment of actions are also considered.

PORTUGAL 2020: Objectives, Challenges and Operationalization".

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Portugal 2020