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​​The Human Capital Operational Programme (HCOP), approved by the European Commission's decision from 12th December 2014, aims to contribute to an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth and to the economic, social and territorial cohesion. The achievement of the Europe 2020 goals is based on five main objectives:

1. Promotion of academic success and reduction of early school-leaving (ESL);

2. Improvement of employability through the adjustment between supply and demand in the labour market;

3. Increased attractiveness of Higher Education and number of graduates;

4. Improvement of the adult population qualifications;

5. Promoting the quality and regulation of the education and training system.



For this purpose, the HCOP has five funding axes with a financial allocation available according to the priority of investment:

Axis 1 - Promotion of educational success, tackling early school-leaving

Axis 2 - Increase of higher education and advanced training

Axis 3 - Learning, lifelong learning qualification

Axis 4 - Quality and innovation of the education and training system

Axis 5 - Technical support

The field of "Human Capital" is of the greatest strategic importance for Portugal, as this return on investment allows for the correction of structural imbalances that still persist between the country and the most developed Member States of the European Union (EU), be it on social inequalities or in economic terms, regarding indicators for productivity, schooling and competitive specialisation of the economy. A smart investment on human capital is the most sustainable driving force for the development and fostering of economic and social convergence.

The Management Authority of the Human Capital Operational Programme, created by the Portuguese Council of Ministers Resolution n.º 73-B/2014, from 16th December 2014, is a mission structure in the Central State Administration. We are organized according to the following structure:


POCH_organização interna.jpg


These operational sectors are aided by the existence of four project teams, with specific functions within the scope of the OP, in particular the Management Information System, which supports the development of the information system supporting the Programme, ensuring the quality of operation of their respective application systems.



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